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Version 0.0.6E4F8 is the seventh stable release in the current stable branch of Slash'EM. The stable branch is the product of over two year's worth of integrating many exciting new features and of major efforts to improve stablity. This is the last planned release in this development series. Work is continuing on the current development series, which is based on NetHack 3.4.1.

Feel free to mail me if I've made any horrible mistakes. I can be reached at Bugs should be submitted via the official bug page. I am also happy to accept bug reports via email if you find this more convienient.

Download stable version now:

Known problems in 6E4F8

Changes made in 6E4F8:

This version is compatible with 6E4 save files and bones (but not any earlier versions). Make sure you use make update rather than make install however, or they will all be removed anyway! I suggest you back the files up before installing anyway, just in case you (or I) make a mistake.

Slash'em 0.0.6E4F8 UNIX distribution

See Install.unx for installation instructions. If you would like to use one or more windowing interfaces (in addition to the classic TTY) please read:

Slash'em Guidebook (PDF format)

Archive of changes to Slash'em in previous versions

Source divers may find the 6E4F8 source tree useful.


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