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If you're running Debian then you should be using Peter Makholm's package.


For those who like a simple life, I have created RPMs of the current stable and devel versions of Slash'EM.


SuSE uses can use the RedHat RPMs but will need to create a "games" group first since the standard install uses group "game" instead.

Development version

The development version is not considered ready for packaging yet. If you want to compile it yourself, it does include GNU autoconf files allowing you to simply do the standard ./configure; make; make install. Note that the stable version does not include this facility.

Stable version

The core package in the stable version supports the X11, proxy and tty interfaces. This means that you no longer need to have quite so many packages installed in order to use the official Slash'EM binaries.

The provision of the proxy interface in the core package means that other interfaces can be supplied as add-on packages and connect to the game via the NhExt protocol. Currently, just the GTK interface supports this protocol and is available for downloading.


RPMs built on Fedora Core 4: RPMs built on Fedora Core 6:


These RPMs are configured as follows:

Doing it yourself

If you would like to compile Slash'EM yourself from the stable tarball, then the following hints may prove useful.

The current stable version of Slash'EM uses the new default configuration of Solaris 2.x (5E7 and below used SunOS 4). This means that the hints are slightly different (and shorter). It can also be configured using my Slash'EM configuration utility.

These hints compliment sys/unix/Install.unx, but do not replace it. It is still required reading!

J. Ali Harlow,