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The Slash'EM dev-team are currently considering whether to integrate the changes made in the newly released NetHack 3.4.2 into Slash'EM Vampire or whether to continue improving the stability of Slash'EM Vampire without making major changes and leave the NetHack 3.4.2 integration for the next development series (which doesn't have a name yet).

If you are a Slash'EM player and have a view on whether you would want to play Slash'EM Vampire if it was still based on the old NetHack 3.4.1 codebase then I would be very pleased to hear it.

Please send comments to slashem-devel at

You can read my post to slashem-devel outlining the options.

You may like to subscribe to slashem-devel.

Whether we do it as part of Slash'EM Vampire, or not, the NetHack 3.4.2 integration will need to done. Details as follows:

TopicFilesHunksLinesAssigned toStatus
Core 76 377 5743 Unassigned
Data 4 14 170 Unassigned
Documentation 14 104 2095 Unassigned
System ports:
Amiga 3 4 48 Unassigned
MS-DOS 6 24 287 Unassigned
Mac 22 141 2195 Unassigned
OS/2 1 4 39 Unassigned
Unix 11 26 449 Unassigned
VMS 6 16 166 Unassigned
Win NT 19 83 3238 Unassigned
Win CE 33 98 139941 Unassigned
Window ports:
GEM 2 3 31 Unassigned
Gnome 2 2 23 Unassigned
TTY 1 2 20 Unassigned
Win32 9 37 807 Unassigned
X11 2 2 32 Unassigned
Qt 1 5 48 Unassigned
Common 1 3 40 Unassigned

Version 0.0.7E2 is intended to be the last alpha release in the current development branch of Slash'EM. It is not really considered playable yet, but is provided for anyone who wants to play with the new ideas. This is an alpha release. If your aim is simply to play Slash'EM then you would almost certainly be better off playing the latest stable version. This release is intended for those who wish to try the new ideas out and report back on any issues found. Bug reports are also welcome.

Download development version now:

Changes made in 7E2:

This version is incompatible with 7E1 save files and bones.

J. Ali Harlow,