Ali's NetHack tile comparison charts

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These charts compare the tiles included with a number of NetHack variants and window ports as well as Mitsuhiro Itakura's 32x32 tile set.

The original distributions can be found at:

I maintain these charts to help me keep Slash'EM up to date with the latest tiles available, since I have no artistic skills of my own. To the extent that they are useful to anyone else, I'm very glad, but please understand that I won't spend any time on them that doesn't further that aim.

The charts are only available for offline reading. They consist of a few html files and (at last count) over 24,000 gif files (many of these are duplicates). If I made them available for online reading my server would probably fall over!

I am aware that there are a number of niggles: transparancy is not handled very well and the matching of tiles between tilesets (especially in the substitute wall tiles) is far from perfect.

Tarball for offline reading

Last updated: 29 Aug 2003.

J. Ali Harlow,