Name: xan
Difficulty: 9
Base level: 7
Base experience: 102
Speed: 18
Base AC: -4
Base MR: 0
Alignment: 0
Frequency: Rare
Genocidable: Yes
    Sting: 1d4 and pricks victim's legs
Weight: 300
Nutritional value: 300
Size: tiny
Resistances: poison
Resistances conveyed by eating: poison

A xan can fly/float. It has an animal body. It has no hands. It is poisonous if eaten.

They sent their friend the mosquito xan ahead of them to find out what lay ahead. "Since you are the one who sucks the blood of men walking along paths," they told the mosquito, "go and sting the men of Xibalba." The mosquito flew down the dark road to the Underworld. Entering the house of the Lords of Death, he stung the first person that he saw... The mosquito stung this man as well, and when he yelled, the man next to him asked, "Gathered Blood, what's wrong?" So he flew along the row stinging all the seated men until he knew the names of all twelve.

Popul Vuh, as translated by Ralph Nelson