Name: woodchuck
Difficulty: 4
Base level: 3
Base experience: 29
Speed: 3
Base AC: 0
Base MR: 20
Alignment: 0
Frequency: no random generation
Genocidable: Yes
    Bite: 1d6
Weight: 30
Nutritional value: 30
Size: small
Resistances: None
Resistances conveyed by eating: None

A woodchuck can traverse water, and dig straight through solid rock. It has an animal body. It has no hands.

The Usenet Oracle requires an answer to this question! > How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could > chuck wood? "Oh, heck! I'll handle this one!" The Oracle spun the terminal back toward himself, unlocked the ZOT-guard lock, and slid the glass guard away from the ZOT key. "Ummmm...could you turn around for a minute? ZOTs are too graphic for the uninitiated. Even I get a little squeamish sometimes..." The neophyte turned around, and heard the Oracle slam his finger on a computer key, followed by a loud ZZZZOTTTTT and the smell of ozone.
Excerpted from Internet Oracularity 576.6