Name: pony
Difficulty: 4
Base level: 3
Base experience: 31
Speed: 16
Base AC: 6
Base MR: 0
Alignment: 0
Frequency: Quite rare
Genocidable: Yes
    Kick: 1d6
    Bite: 1d2
Weight: 1300
Nutritional value: 250
Size: medium
Resistances: None
Resistances conveyed by eating: None

A pony has an animal body. It has no hands. It is a herbivore.

Hey! now! Come hoy now! Whither do you wander?
Up, down, near or far, here, there or yonder?
Sharp-ears, Wise-nose, Swish-tail and Bumpkin,
White-socks my little lad, and old Fatty Lumpkin! ...

Tom called them one by one and they climbed over the brow and stood in a line. Then Tom bowed to the hobbits. "Here are your ponies, now!" he said. "They've more sense (in some ways) than you wandering hobbits have-- more sense in their noses. For they sniff danger ahead which you walk right into; and if they run to save themselves, then they run the right way." The Fellowship of the Ring, by J.R.R. Tolkien