Name: ki-rin
Difficulty: 21
Base level: 16
Base experience: 532
Speed: 18
Base AC: -5
Base MR: 90
Alignment: 15
Frequency: Very rare, never in Gehennom
Genocidable: No
    Kick: 2d4
    Kick: 2d4
    Butt: 3d6
    Random magic spell with nominal damage of (level/3+2)d6
Weight: 1450
Nutritional value: 400 (but leaves no corpse)
Size: large
Resistances: None
Resistances conveyed by eating: None

A ki-rin can fly/float. It can see invisible creatures.

The ki-rin is a strange-looking flying creature. It has scales, a mane like a lion, a tail, hooves, and a horn. It is brightly colored, and can usually be found flying in the sky looking for good deeds to reward.