Name: giant eel
Difficulty: 7
Base level: 5
Base experience: 1061
Speed: 9
Base AC: -1
Base MR: 0
Alignment: 0
Frequency: no random generation
Genocidable: Yes
    Bite: 3d6
    Wraps around the victim (can cause drowning)
Weight: 200
Nutritional value: 250
Size: huge
Resistances: None
Resistances conveyed by eating: None

A giant eel can traverse water. It in amphibious. It is part of the large family of serpents. It has no limbs. A giant eel cannot pick up objects. It is able to lay eggs. It is a carnivore.

The behaviour of eels in fresh water extends the air of mystery surrounding them. They move freely into muddy, silty bottoms of lakes, lying buried in the daylight hours in summer. ... Eels are voracious carnivores, feeding mainly at night and consuming a wide variety of fishes and invertebrate creatures. Contrary to earlier thinking, eels seek living rather than dead creatures and are not habitual eaters of carrion.

Freshwater Fishes of Canada, by Scott and Crossman