Name: ghoul
Difficulty: 5
Base level: 3
Base experience: 28
Speed: 6
Base AC: 10
Base MR: 0
Alignment: -2
Frequency: Very rare
Genocidable: Yes
    Claw: 1d3
Weight: 400
Nutritional value: 50 (but leaves no corpse)
Size: small
Resistances: cold, sleep, poison
Resistances conveyed by eating: None

Due to its unusual body chemistry, A ghoul has no need to breathe. It is humanoid. It has no mind, and is therefore not detectable via telepathy. It is poisonous if eaten.

The forces of the gloom know each other, and are strangely balanced by each other. Teeth and claws fear what they cannot grasp. Blood-drinking bestiality, voracious appetites, hunger in search of prey, the armed instincts of nails and jaws which have for source and aim the belly, glare and smell out uneasily the impassive spectral forms straying beneath a shroud, erect in its vague and shuddering robe, and which seem to them to live with a dead and terrible life. These brutalities, which are only matter, entertain a confused fear of having to deal with the immense obscurity condensed into an unknown being. A black figure barring the way stops the wild beast short. That which emerges from the cemetery intimidates and disconcerts that which emerges from the cave; the ferocious fear the sinister; wolves recoil when they encounter a ghoul.
Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo