Name: Master of Thieves
Difficulty: 24
Base level: 20
Base experience: 585
Speed: 12
Base AC: 0
Base MR: 30
Alignment: -20
Frequency: unique, no random generation
Genocidable: No
    Projectile as weapon, or if in range, uses melee weapon for 2d6
    Projectile as weapon, or if in range, uses melee weapon for 2d6
    Steals the amulet etc.
Weight: 1450
Nutritional value: 400
Size: medium
Resistances: None
Resistances conveyed by eating: None

Master of Thieves is humanoid. He is an omnivore.

There was a flutter of wings at the window. Ymor shifted his bulk out of the chair and crossed the room, coming back with a large raven. After he'd unfastened the message capsule from its leg it flew up to join its fellows lurking among the rafters. Withel regarded it without love. Ymor's ravens were notoriously loyal to their master, to the extent that Withel's one attempt to promote himself to the rank of greatest thief in Ankh-Morpork had cost their master's right hand man his left eye. But not his life, however. Ymor never grudged a man his ambitions.
The Colour of Magic, by Terry Pratchett