Name: Juiblex
Difficulty: 26
Base level: 22
Base experience: 873
Speed: 3
Base AC: -7
Base MR: 65
Alignment: -15
Frequency: unique, only in Gehennom, no random generation
Genocidable: No
    Engulfs and infects with disease: 4d10
    Spits acid venom
Weight: 1500
Nutritional value: 0 (but leaves no corpse)
Size: large
Resistances: fire, poison, acid, petrification
Resistances conveyed by eating: None

Juiblex can fly/float, and flow under doors. He in amphibious. He has no head. He can see invisible creatures. Juiblex is acidic and poisonous if eaten.

Little is known about the Faceless Lord, even the correct spelling of his name. He does not have a physical form as we know it, and those who have peered into his realm claim he is a slime-like creature who swallows other creatures alive, spits acidic secretions, and causes disease in his victims which can be almost instantly fatal.