Name: Chromatic Dragon
Difficulty: 23
Base level: 16
Base experience: 583
Speed: 12
Base AC: 0
Base MR: 30
Alignment: -14
Frequency: unique, no random generation
Genocidable: No
    Breaths random type: 6dx
    Random magic spell with nominal damage of (level/3+1)d6
    Steals the amulet etc.
    Bite: 4d8
    Bite: 4d8
    Sting: 1d6
Weight: 4500
Nutritional value: 1700
Size: gigantic
Resistances: fire, cold, sleep, disintegration, electricity, poison, acid, petrification
Resistances conveyed by eating: fire, cold, sleep, disintegration, electricity, poison

Chromatic Dragon has no hands. She has a thick hide. She can see invisible creatures. She is poisonous if eaten. Chromatic Dragon is a carnivore.

Tiamat is said to be the mother of evil dragonkind. She is extremely vain.